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Interaction Designer

Join us on our mission to simplify financial markets and take our clients’ user experience to the next level.

Full-time · Rotterdam

At VI Company, we conceptualize and build FinTech-related web apps and websites. From the ground up, co-created with leading clients in the financial domain, to obtain the golden ratio (literally). Think of the Trading Game for ING and RTL Z. Or a pension dashboard used by thousands of end-users for BNP Paribas. Even asset management platforms or allocation tools to predict where to invest in. We also design branded socks, but that was more of a side project. Want to help design next year's VI socks? ;-) 

How you serve our end users with the best UX

  • You work on the UX side of (often mission critical) FinTech web apps and websites.

  • You analyze and prioritize evolving customer requirements.

  • You translate those insights into concepts, interactive prototypes, and validate them with the end-user.

  • You assist with testing your designs from an end-user perspective.

  • You set up creative sessions with the team, client, and end-users to gain new insights.

  • You work in tandem with fellow designers to keep improving yourself and each other. 

As Interaction Designer, you join a multidisciplinary scrum team and design the living **** out of mission-critical websites and applications. Sites and web apps that keep our clients’ companies running and their customers financially secure. As you probably deduced, quite the responsibility. So you are not alone. You team up with our esteemed front-end and back-end developers, designers, and colleagues with a ton of domain knowledge. They will immerse you in the world of FinTech which means you do not have to be an expert already (but will become one!). Next to that, and most importantly, you are in close contact with our clients and end-users.

The job entails translating ‘abstract’ (and ever-evolving) business requirements into clear concepts, clickable prototypes, and designs with usability as its main priority. All while weighing and leveraging the stakeholder input. You need to combine a savage eye for imperfections with a great capacity to adapt. So, hopefully the saying ‘kill your darlings’ (and copy/pasting them into another folder) is one of your mottos. 

Jordi Lakerveld

Interaction Designer

Dennis Bellel

Interaction Designer

Bart Simons

Design Lead


Interaction Designer

6 boxes to tick (the more the merrier)

  • You bring 4+ years of UX experience to the table and are versed in Figma (or similar) and (preferably) HTML and CSS.

  • The proof of your design talent is in the portfolio you send us.

  • You combine an analytical mindset with unbridled creativity.

  • You are a (wo)man of the world; you love to work with people from a wide range of backgrounds and can discuss ideas with everyone.

  • You have a proven talent for translating complex issues into inspiring UX designs.

  • Experience with prototyping and setting up design systems is very welcome. 

6 boxes we tick

  • Salary between € 3.250 and € 4.250 plus a 13th-month pay.

  • Become a co-owner of VI Company. We share our shares, so you can profit while we profit!

  • A scale-up culture with no hierarchy (except typographic hierarchy), and a place where innovation and humor are the secret weapons of choice.

  • Study days, generous training budget and a learn from your peers setting to stay on top of your design game.

  • The chance to annihilate your colleagues in Super Smash Bros, FIFA, during a cook-off/pub quiz.

  • NS Business Card or a VIets, a MacBook (unless you want to work on a Dell #TeamMicrosoft), working from home, 32/36/40 hour working week, and a home-office budget to decorate your home office. 

Team up!

Can U add X to VI Company? Shoot us a mail at or WhatsApp +31 6 43 25 37 15.